Leave your job in the hands of metal recoiling experts

Industries of all types rely on having an ample supply of quality raw materials to produce their goods and services. Since 1999 All Alloy Slitting Services has been the go-to company for metal recoiling and decoiling services. We are a fully ISO accredited business (9001-2008) and can provide you with recoiled strips, cut to whatever length you need. With purpose-built transportation, our team can pick up and deliver metal coils throughout the UK. Our vehicles are fitted with specifically designed coil wells to transport upright coils weighing up to 16 tonnes safely and securely, reducing the risk of any potential damage.

Recoiling and decoiling services

All Alloy Slitting Services provides professional metal decoiling and recoiling for metal widths up to 1000mm, with gauges ranging from .100 to 4.0mm, depending on the width needed and the type of metal used. Our operators provide expert decoiling services. We seek to minimise scrap and delays wherever possible in order to offer you the most efficient and cost effective service.
For professional metal recoiling and decoiling services, 
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