Delivering precision metal cutting

To achieve excellence in any industry, you need a highly skilled team. As a traditional company, with a dedicated team of experienced engineers, we are able to deliver precision metal cutting services to many different clients. Our expertise and traditional machinery allows us to accurately cut all types of metal to suit a wide range of tolerances. We are ISO accredited 9001-2008, and put every finished product through a rigorous quality assurance procedure. With All Alloy Slitting Services, you can be sure you will receive premium precision metal cutting services at a highly competitive rate.

what our customers say:

“Quick lead time, tolerances adhered to and packed as per instructions.”

Why choose us?

All Alloy Slitting Services is an independent family business with a strong reputation for delivering outstanding workmanship and the best customer service. No matter how big or small the job, our experts will work tirelessly to meet even the shortest of deadlines.
With temperature controlled facilities, we can provide you with the professional results you deserve. Thanks to our purpose-built lorry, your material will always be delivered in perfect condition.
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All Alloy Slitting Services is your first and best choice for metal cutting, slitting and shearing services for coils and blanks. We can expertly cut metal to your precise specifications with a wide range of tolerances available. Please refer to the table on this page for details.

Slitting / shearing

Width (mm)
Gauge (mm) Up to 50mm 51-100mm 101-200mm 201-350mm 351-690mm
.08-1mm 0.1mm 0.12mm 0.127mm 0.127mm 0.127mm
1.01-2mm 0.127mm 0.127mm 0.127mm 0.127mm 0.127mm
2.01-3mm 0.127mm 0.127mm 0.127mm 0.127mm 0.127mm
3.01-4mm 0.25mm 0.25mm 0.25mm 0.25mm 0.25mm
Min ID Max OD Max OD Off
4" 36" 30"
8" 52" 47"
12" 72" 58"

Cut To Length / blanking

CTL Line Min Width Max Width Min Gauge Max Gauge Min I.D Max O.D Max Weight Tolerances +/-
CTL 1 4mm 600mm 0.1mm * 2mm* 12" 72" 3000kg 0.5mm to 5mm
CTL 2 25mm 800mm 1.5mm 5mm* 16" 72" 5000kg 0.5mm to 5mm
CTL 3 25mm 800mm 0.5mm 2mm 16" 72" 3000kg 0.5mm to 5mm
CTL 4 100mm 1020mm 0.3mm 1.2mm* 16" 72" 5000kg 0.5mm to 5mm
* the gauges are dependant on the material
Call our TEAM for precision metal cutting services on 0121 544 9889
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